Instructions for the application of prosthetic nipples

It is recommended to apply the prosthetic nipples gradually. Take time to learn and get used to the application protocol.
On the first day you may, for example, wear them for an hour or two, then gradually increase the time until you feel comfortable wearing them for
several days on your breast.

Nous proposons actuellement un type de colle :

FACTOR II - supplied with solvent, resistant to 5-10 days of water and sports and daily activities.

Please note that greasy products neutralize the action of the glue. Therefore, avoid applying creams containing greasy products, especially essential oils, to your breast and hands.

Application of the prosthesis :

1. Wash your hands and breasts with soapy water.
2. Dry your skin well with a lint-free cloth.
3. Test nipple positioning without glue.

You can draw a mark on your breast where you want to place the nipple with a make-up pencil.
4. 4. Apply the glue all over the smooth side of the nipple and on your breast where you want to place the nipple.
5. Wait about one minute until the glue dries and becomes transparent.
6. Place the nipple on the breast at the chosen location and press lightly to ensure
that the prosthesis is well bonded.

Removing the prosthesis:

1. Immediately clean the prosthesis with soapy water and dry gently with a clean cloth or paper towel.

3. 3. Clean the skin with soap and water. Avoid scraping the glue residue with your nails, you can remove it with a body oil.
4. If you use FACTOR II glue, you must first clean the skin and the prosthesis with the supplied solvent and then with soap and water.
5. You can either reglue the prosthesis immediately after cleaning your skin or put it back in its packaging and store it in a dry and cool place.

If you have any questions, you can consult the FAQ page on the website : 

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