Venus Medical employees develop solutions for women with breast cancer

Yama Darom is currently in remission

At the age of 28, in the third month of her first pregnancy, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the birth of her daughter, she began the journey of conventional treatment, mastectomy surgery and immediate reconstruction which unfortunately did not succeed.

She was operated again, the prosthesis was removed...
At the age of 29, she found herself a young mother with a breast and an external prosthesis. She couldn't find clothes that matched her fashion, comfort and taste.

During treatment, she began her remission project and achieved it after the birth of her second daughter.

Yana has created a drain belt and a tunic adapted to the comfort of women after a mastectomy.

Drainage belt

Elastic belt to wear the drains after surgery in a more aesthetic way.

Comes with four pockets that hook onto the belt.

This belt allows the drains to be held in place and to move freely.

The patient can wear it in the shower as well as under her clothes.

Available in all sizes (XS-XXL)

The tunic

- Tunic to be worn after the operation and during the treatment period.
- Made from a comfortable and soft fabric called Symphonie.
- Designed so that the patient can dress independently, the connection to the sleeves is wide and flexible.
- Inside the tunic there are pockets suitable for drains.
- The tunic can be worn open or as a closed dress with a quality zipper.
- The tunic is designed in a modern way so that the patient feels comfortable and feminine.
- Available in all sizes and in different colours and patterns.

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