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Who are we?

Venus Medical is a young and dynamic company, formed by the meeting of two enthusiastic women who are personally concerned about breast cancer. We are committed to improving the quality of life of patients undergoing breast reconstruction. 

The breasts

Breasts are part of the so-called secondary sexual characteristics. For both women and men, breasts are more than just a body part. Symbol of femininity, maternity and seduction, they draw the silhouette.

For a woman, breast cancer is not only a serious disease, it also threatens her female identity and self-image.

Breast cancer in men is rare. Its main risk factors are pathologies responsible for hormonal disorders, a history of chest irradiation and a family history of breast cancer.

Depending on the type of tumour and the stage of the disease, the treatment will not aim at the same objective, it can be curative or palliative, adjuvant or neo-adjuvant.

The PINK PERFECT solution

Areolo-Mammary Plate Prostheses

These prostheses are intended for patients who are in the aftermath of mastectomy, burns, deformities, or other pathological situations that result in an alteration of the nipple-areolar plaque, or with a nippleless breast. They have many advantages for patients. 

The prostheses are handcrafted from high quality silicone. 

The life span is not limited.

They are applied to the breast with a dermal adhesive, resistant to water and to daily and sporting activities. 

Patients can stick and unstick them easily.

The prostheses can be applied a few days after removal of the stitches. They fit perfectly on the reconstructed breast.

  • Either awaiting a WFP breast reconstruction
  • Either permanently:
    • For some patients who wish to avoid additional surgery,
    • When WFP reconstruction is not possible (difficult local conditions, skin quality, radiotherapy...)

The PINK PERFECT solution helps to restore a good quality of life during and after the fight against breast cancer, as well as for patients who are in the aftermath of mastectomy, burns, deformities, or other pathological situations that result in an alteration of the nipple-areolar plaque, or with a nipple-free breast.


This device has its place in the breast reconstruction process.

Moreover, the fact that the patient can adjust her position with each use allows her to follow the natural evolution of the contralateral breast over time, which usually shows a more pronounced "descent" than the operated breast, which remains a little more "fixed".

Classically, this mammary aging that evolves differently on both sides. This may require additional symmetrization procedures. 

Advantages of the solution PINK PERFECT

  • Significantly improves the quality of life of the patient and her family and friends during treatment and after recovery,
  • Applicable as soon as the stitches are removed,
  • Quality of the product, which has a lifespan of several years. The patient can stick and unstick them regularly,
  • Almost real appearance and texture,
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and models,
  • Made to measure identical to the patient's natural MAP,
  • Handmade,
  • Resistant to water and to daily and sporting activities,
  • After-sales service, manufacturer's warranty,
  • Accompanying patients at all times,
  • CE / FDA markings.

Le marquage “CE” a été créé dans le cadre de la législation européenne d’harmonisation technique. Il est obligatoire pour tous les produits couverts par un ou plusieurs textes réglementaires européens (directives ou règlements) qui le prévoient explicitement. La réglementation impose des exigences de plus en plus rigoureuses à chaque étape du cycle de vie d’un produit, y compris en matière de services et de livraison. Les organismes doivent pouvoir démontrer l’efficacité de leurs processus de management de la qualité et mettre en œuvre les meilleures pratiques dans l’ensemble de leurs activités. ISO 13485, norme internationalement reconnue, établit les exigences relatives à un système de management de la qualité propre au secteur des dispositifs médicaux. 

Dans la catégorie prothèses de la plaque aréole mamelonnaire, seule la solution PINK-PERFECT est un dispositif médical approuvé et certifié CE – Classe I. 

Pour cela , les corps médicale concernés recommandent les mamelons prothétiques PINK-PERFECT.

Using PINK PERFECT prosthetic nipples

PINK PERFECT prostheses are delivered separately with a medical adhesive. The prostheses are glued to the skin (clean and dry) with a medical adhesive resistant to water and usual activities for several days. 

Thanks to the fact that they are made "by hand", the appearance of PINK PERFECT prostheses is almost identical to the skin, in terms of suppleness, fineness and texture. 


Benefits of PINK PERFECT prosthetic nipples

By making it very easy to recover a "complete" aesthetic-looking breast, this simple device allows an enormous psychological benefit in the work of personal reconstruction. 

After the restoration of breast volume, the body image is significantly improved. Self-confidence is regained, and helps to better experience the different stages of anatomical and psychological reconstruction. 

According to our feedback, a significant number of women already choose PINK PERFECT nipples as a sustainable solution over time, or even as a permanent solution. 

Indeed, the great fineness of this device and its near-natural appearance allow a very elegant alternative solution to surgical reconstruction, which is much heavier and often with incomplete results.

Ready-to-wear prostheses

For women who have undergone a bilateral mastectomy.


  • Modest model with a slightly accentuated nipple.
  • Natural model with a moderately accentuated nipple.
  • Bold model with accentuated nipple.

Custom-made prostheses

The prostheses of the Nipple Areola Plate are hand-made with high quality silicone. They are made to measure using a printing kit.

Measurement is done prior to the procedure for women who are to undergo bilateral mastectomy. However, for women who have had a unilateral mastectomy, the measurement is taken on the other breast at any time.

At the time of measurement, the patient (alone or accompanied by a practitioner or a relative), prepares a mould according to the measurement protocol provided in the kit.

She returns the mould, the form and images of her natural breast. Within 6 to 10 weeks, she receives six prostheses identical to the natural MAP. 

La prothèse du complexe mamelon-aréole (NAC) comme nouvel arsenal pour la reconstruction mammaire

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