Feeling whole again

We take great care to ensure that your journey after your mastectomy is of the highest quality. Your testimony is important to us. They speak with their own words and we would like to thank them.

"I've bought them every year since my reconstruction surgery in 2014. From a distance they make me feel whole again. I don't go a day without them and I don't know what I would do if they weren't available. They are so real that even my plastic surgeon was VERY impressed."

Paola - 39 years old

" They arrived like a box of chocolates. And for the first time in years, they gave me the confidence to do something I'd never done before... Seeing a full breast in the mirror has made the most incredible difference. I look and feel whole again, which has translated into improvements in other areas of my life. I can't thank Michelle enough for her help.

Linda - 42 years old

"I think it's a miracle! It's absolutely brilliant. It stays in place for a long time, shower after shower. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Rachel - 49 years old

I highly recommend it! From the moment I tried it on, I just couldn't get it off. No words can explain the wonderful feeling of having full breasts! My husband compliments me and says that my breasts look like real breasts!

Sarah - 51 years old

"I couldn't believe that such a small product would make me so happy. It feels like the adhesive you gave me is attracted to my skin! 😉 I don't need to reattach it often. Only once every fortnight, even though I exercise and swim often!

Vivian- 55 years old

"Highly recommended for women who do not want to undergo surgery or tattooing. It is ideal!!!

Margaret - 60 years old