The breasts

Breast cancer,

What are we talking about?

When cells in the breast degenerate and multiply uncontrollably, they eventually give rise to a tumour. When it is malignant, it is called breast cancer or breast carcinoma.

Breasts are part of the so-called secondary sexual characteristics. For both women and men, breasts are more than just a body part. Symbols of femininity, maternity and seduction, they draw the silhouette.

For a woman, breast cancer is not only a serious disease, it also threatens her female identity and self-image.

Depending on the type of tumour and the stage of the disease, the treatment will not aim at the same objective, it can be curative or palliative, adjuvant or neoadjuvant.

Breast cancer and the operation that results from it are profoundly damaging to the body's integrity. Even when the breast can be preserved, it takes time to reacquaint oneself with one's body.

Aesthetics is terribly important when it comes to secondary sexual characteristics, the latter being primarily constitutive of body schema and sexual identity.

The consequences vary according to the therapy and its mode of action profoundly affect the woman's bodily integrity as well as the psychological aspect. The suffering also affects their entourage and environment.

A 2014 survey by the National Cancer League of women who have had a mastectomy shows that the mastectomy is vIt is often described as violent and often associated with terms such as "mutilation" or "loss".

It is likely to have negative psychosocial repercussions in patients undergoing surgery, as it affects a wide range of dimensions:Identity, femininity, confidence, mood, esteem, sexuality, motherhood and quality of life...


Breast cancer and its treatments are a tremendous strain on the patient's body and mind. The body image disorder, being a psychological malaise, can interfere with the patient's ability to cope with this ordeal and can diminish their quality of life. This disorder is frequent and is closely related to the patient's relationship with himself and the world around him. Preventive strategies including the spouse and family circle aimed at maintaining a positive body image in patients with breast cancer should be undertaken.

Shortly before the age of 33, Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She is undergoing the necessary treatments, including breast reconstruction. She realizes that "the icing on the cake" was missing, she says.

The state of her skin does not allow her to have recourse to tattooing, she cannot bear to see herself in a mirror and showers in the dark.

Not being ready for another operation, she looks for alternatives... without success.

She then decides to find the solution on her own. After acquiring professional expertise, she makes a nipple prosthesis using a mould modelled on the nipple of the other breast. Her psychological state quickly improves, she dares to look at herself in a mirror, spontaneously and feels a sense of joy. She then wishes to share this experience with other mastectomy patients. She then developed a start-up where her first creation became the prototype of her product.

She thus developed her idea of making custom-made areola prostheses, identical to natural nipples, to allow women to reconcile with their femininity.

The feeling of being whole. Again.


Nipple Areola Plate Prostheses are intended for patients who are in the aftermath of mastectomy, burns, deformities, or other pathological situations that result in an alteration of the nipple areola plate, or with a nippleless breast.

 These prostheses are handmade of high quality silicone. The life span is not limited.

The prostheses are applied to the breast using a medical adhesive, resistant to water and daily activities. Patients can stick and peel them off regularly.

The prostheses can be applied a few days after removal of the stitches. They fit perfectly on the reconstructed breast.

Available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. PINK PERFECT also manufactures custom-made prostheses identical to the natural nipple-areolar plate.

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